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Viral Empire Awesome Try Not To Laugh Challenge. Try Not To Laugh Or Grin While Watching This. Featuring the Best Funny Videos 2016. Including some of the funny fails compilation and the funniest videos you have ever seen! Funny Animal Videos are a treat. So are you up for the challenge? Viral Empire will show you life awesome!


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Try not to laugh or grin as you watch these funny videos! We have compiled the best funny videos and funny vines to make you laugh. These funny fails compilation are sure to crack you up in laughter and we would love to see your funny scared reactions!

Funny moments caught on tape and funny fails are part of ytlaugh and make sure you will laugh out loud! Are these the best funny videos of 2016? Life Awesome! These hilarious moments caught on camera are sure to at least put a smile on your face!

Let us know in the comments if you laughed at any of these videos. I hope you enjoyed watching it and remember, laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we just enjoy watching stupid people doing stupid things. Is there a funny moment in your life that only funniest people will understand? We have some animals doing extremely humanlike actions like a bear headbanging and also waving goodbye to strangers. We even have a soccer parrot and a singing zebra! Also, a dog who says fuck and funny animals running around.

Whatsapp funny videos and vines? We have them here. Viral Empire.

Here is a list of funny videos used in this funny compilation.
1. Chinese Billie Jean uses firecracker to explode in his balls.
2. A funny screaming zebra talks and sings for food.
3. Take a closer look at that snout/meme as he shows you his hilarious war face to make you lol.
4. Super funny parrot screams and trips over the table!
5. That amazing bird that head bangs after he scores a soccer goal.
6. A bear that knows how to wave goodbye!
7. Sexy yoga girls doing exercise on the beach when a blue screen screws up the computer and a guy goes crazy and smashes his computer screen.
8. Hilarious exercise as man tumbles over!
9. Man screams as he misses plays the guitar.
10. Funny cat looks shocked as flower is put on top of his head.
11. A brave man enters the snake pit and slaps a King Cobra on the head.
12. Cute adorable grandma aged 102 spits out her teeth as she tries to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.
13. Cute little puppy says F**k as he shows you his adorable thug life. Ytlaugh and life awesome man! (P6)
14. Black man does parkour as he screams and jumps in a funny way. Brack Parkour
15. Chinese girl feeds boyfriend as he eats a cigarette while playing a game.
16. People do not know how to spell pregnant.
17. Man slaps wife and pretends to be dreaming
18. Hilarious car commercial in Baltimore Big Bill Car sales.
19. Absolutely funny game of rock paper scissors.
20. Hey Ron Hey Billie
21. Man shave his friends head in a funny prank in china
22. Amazing dancing car. Showing that life awesome!
23. Funny Vietnamese pranks done on friends and girls.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my funny video and I am pretty sure all of you failed and laughed out loud. I personally laughed my ass off watching this hilarious videos. Did you lmao? (P6) Humorous videos of people doing comical things are absolutely peculiar the the human mind. Enjoy these chuckable image as we take you on a ride on this do not grin challenge! We will show you that life awesome! We got em.

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